The winery origin is a recent history; however, for Giglio Antonio Verga, the current owner of the commercial farm Termine Grosso, the art of wine making is ancient history. In addition to being a famous horses breeder for the royal army, Cirò, Antonio’s paternal grandfather, was also a renowned wine and oil maker. With a particular fondness for the former, though the second yielded a higher income. He considered wine and oil making an art and a trade. Fabrizio, father of the present owner, carried on this tradition; a staunch supporter of cooperation, sharing and the belief that many hands make light work, he was among the founders of the Cantina Sociale of Torre Melissa, where he also held the role of President for fifteen years. Understandably, during that long period the grapes from the family vineyards ended up in the Cooperative’s cellars. Due to health reasons Fabrizio gave up the chairmanship in the mid-80s, leaving the Cooperative in a prosperous condition, but he continued to provide grapes as long as the cooperative was operational. Meanwhile Antonio, who had finished his agricultural studies in the late nineties, took over the reins of the business and decided to resume the family’s winemaking tradition adding to the vineyards of Ciro new vineyards in the commercial farm straddling the municipalities of Cutro and Roccabernarda. So, after 10 years of trial and error, he with his wife Patrizia and friend and winemaker Peppino Liotti, decided to open the “TERMINE GROSSO” winery, naming it after the district where the commercial farm is located, believing that linking a local product to the territory wherein it was born gives it strength and vitality.
OUR MISSION: A company is successful when we participate in a project with those working on it and we grow with the area where we live.
Our leitmotif is “HarmonyBalanceAuthenticity”


Roccabernarda (KR)
C.da Termine Grosso