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Santiquaranta, which in the name and its legendary meaning evokes. the idea of faith and of loyalty to a project, represents, without any emphasis, our corporate philosophy, our products. Santiquaranta is pure simplicity, reducing what is form and enhancing what is pure content; Santiquaranta is our commitment to giving voice to a project, where exclusive protagonists are our wines. Santiquaranta is a desire to break free from the excesses related to relying on personalities, self-congratulation, from the fake and redundant search of what is ‚ old, typical and traditional, from a range of legacies and conventions which sadly permeate the wine world of today.

These are the values and the contents that we wanted to emphasize in our project and that we intend to defend and assert, because all this for us is simply Santiquaranta … Our wines.


Torrecuso (BN)
Contrada Torrepalazzo