The commercial farm of the DI UBALDO family successfully combines a long-term craftsmanship experience in the production of clothing accessories with the local passion for vine growing and wine making. The result is a production of amazing wines which are characterized by an exclusive cotton label, covered by patent rights, manufactured through a particular combination of handcraft and screen-printing techniques, making each of them different from the others and therefore unique and valuable. The link with the territory is assured not only by the intense and focused character of the wines but also by the choice of names taken from the local dialect:
LALO’ indicates a mature wine, wise and virtuous just like an elderly person;
ZAUOTT indicates a young, strong and assertive wine, with great potential, just like a boy with great expectations;
PARE’ indicates a typical greeting when meeting a friend;
FUGA FUGA and SCAPPATELLO indicate moments of sweet escape, the ones enjoyed when tasting these wines;
GEO, as a proper recognition to an international wine which takes the characteristics of the area of cultivation and its winemaker.
MARCUZZO, to indicate the ideal cultural territory between the Marche and Abruzzo regions, former land of the Piceni people, where all this matured and is now evolving.
The real protagonists are the wines: reading their data sheets is not enough if it is not followed by a pleasant and relaxing tasting experience.



Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (TE)
Via Dei Sanniti, 35