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Cascina Albano was born in heart of Langhe, on the hills of Barbaresco, at the beginning of the 1900s. Passionate about the land where he was born, grandfather Marco gave the winery the name of the hill on which it sits: Alban, which means “kissed by the early sunshine.” Towards the mid-1900s, our family-run winery became a well-recognized and exciting enterprise. Since the arrival of Natale, who has always believed in our land and traditional Piedmontese varieties, Cascina Albano has been committed to the respect for nature and wishes to transmit passion and true emotions. Marco and Elisabetta, on the other hand, represent the new generation of Cascina Albano. After completing their studies on Viniculture and Enology, the couple has been able to create a new image of the winery, pursuing modern creativity, without forgetting the historical connection between the Vacca family and the land of Barbaresco. Cascina Albano is a family-centered and creative winery, which was born after a long tradition of producers and winemakers. Cascina Albano has always been committed to cultivate its vineyards with passion, to produce wines with a strong personality and to tell the story of our land. Our wine culture has been handed down unchanged from one generation to another, the knowledge of our the grandfathers being the strong basis on which to build our modern vinification processes. The meticulousness and passion of grandfather Marco, the patience and braveness of Natale, and the creativity and global view of Marco and Elisabetta, have created the personality of Cascina Albano, all of them brought together by the love which our family has for the land and its fruits.


Barbaresco (CN)
Strada Ovello, 38